About our Stud
Khalid Kamal StudKHALID  KAMAL STUD FARM was born in May of 2003, in the heart of the beautiful and hilly “sierras” of Còrdoba, in  Argentina.  We are a small farm that started breeding mares of Polish, Spanish and Russian Lines. As time  went by,  Straight Egyptian Arabians became our main breeding programme.

The breathtaking beauty,  intelligence and lovable disposition of the Arabian breed, as well as their good riding and endurance qualities is what feeds, day by day, our passion for breeding Arabians that measure up to the ideal Standards of the breed.
Khalid Kamal Stud - Arabian Horses

A great love and respect for the Arabian horse,  together with the study and learning of the breed are, to our understanding,  all necessary ingredients to achieve this task.  Such and endeavour would not have been possible without the joint efforts of our team members, their constant personal attention and loving care for our Stallions, Mares and Offspring.

Stella Maris Ramirez :Breeder Assistant
Lucia Sahar : Phd. Veterinarian

Emmanuel Poli : Herd  Manager and Trainer
Roni Cuello: Herd Assistant.

Not less important is the invaluable help , advice and guidance during all these years of: Mr. Justo Federico Norman,  Mauricio Berretta, Cesar Berretta and  Alfredo Cossini from Argentina, and last but not least from  Mrs. and Mr.  Annette and Erwin Escher from Germany.

We Hope you enjoy your visit to our website.

Adriana Poch